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Forest Scene Tea Candle Light

Forest Scene Tea Candle Light

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Forest Scene Tea Candle Light

During use, you can lift up the side panels to light the candle. After lighting the candles, carefully place the side panels back into their slots. Please do not leave the candles burning unattended.

The tealight is shipped in a flat box, which can also be used for storage when it is not in use. Assembly is easy and does not require any tools. Four tealights are included.

This candle light depicts a beautiful forest scene with many animals hidden among the trees. During the day, it is a great centerpiece and delightful to look at. During dusk, one can light the four tealights and enjoy the flickering lights in the forest scenery.

The sides of every candle light are laser carved from high quality birch plywood and hand sanded. The base is made from solid birch wood, sanded and oiled.

This candle light is designed and made by the team of NORDEN German Design Studio for our label NORDEN at home. 

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