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Your story starts at home. It is the place where you come back to after long days and where you will make many memories. Taking the time to bring together what you love and design a space that supports your lifestyle will increase your life quality ten fold.



FAMILY ROOM and office

Joining the family room and office may seem peculiar at first, but think about it: The spaces where one spends the most time, should also be the most rewarding. How often do we find ourselves on our computers while also watching TV. Placing the office and family room adjacent to each other helps the family to be together yet also engage in different tasks.

It was a smart idea to combine the areas where we spend most of our time next to each other, so we actually see each other more!
— Bob, Client

An office does not need to be a room filled with papers, screens, off-the-shelf office furniture and paper shredder. There is so much more opportunity to this room, when we consider what the office, or the study (how we prefer to call a residential office) can be. After all, this is the space where one can take care of important matters: researching family ancestry, writing in one's diary and contemplating personal achievements with a glass of well-seasoned whiskey.

A place for family can be in every room as long it can really be "the family's room". Many living rooms are designed to impress guests rather than create a comfortable space to make joyful memories with the family. A true family room connects comfortable furnishings with space for personal items, that also can be left there without worry that they will make the next visitor uncomfortable. In this sense, we say, make room for the things you enjoy in your life!